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CHAPUIS & CHAPUIS volnay 2017


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about the producer CHAPUIS & CHAPUIS
brothers romain and jean-guillaume come from a wine making family in aloxe-corton. in 2009, they created their own domaine, chapuis frères. based in pommard, they make more classic style wines (still organic) from their family vineyards throughout burgundy. romain had spent a considerable amount of time learning to make wine overseas, in particular in lebanon and australia, before returning to burgundy to spend three years working with philippe pacalet. and, it was after this that he decided to make his own wine. apart from chapuis frères, the brothers now also have a side project ‘chapuis et chapuis,’ in which they are making natural wines from burgundy, from both their family vineyards and from grapes purchased from organic growers. in the last couple of years, they have also (due to poor weather conditions) bought organic grapes from other regions as well. the wines used to be vinified in their cellar in pommard, which is actually an old kitchen from the first castle of pommard, dating back to the 13th century! but no they have built a new small winery, with more space for them to work more effectively. the grapes are fermented on their natural yeasts, without any additives, and are free from so2 as well* these wines are relatively unknown outside of france, and with such small production, we are extremely lucky to have them here in california. they are clean and strong, and stay open for days without issues. allocations are extremely tight…