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CHATEAU DE LA LIQUIERE les amandiers blanc 2017

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    about the producer CHATEAU DE LA LIQUIERE
    like the bories family in the corbières, the vidals have been making wine here for many generations and were instrumental in getting faugères created as an appellation in 1982 and then recognised around the world. bernard vidal is the current custodian of the 60 hectares of the estate, though the running of it all is a truly family affair which includes his son, daughter and her husband. work is nearly all manual, with some ploughing by tractor to avoid the need to use herbicides. the vines are grown on terraces between 150 metres and 350 metres above sea level, snaking along the contours of steep slopes. the soil is poor and dominated by distinctive colourful schists that underpin the vines and soak up the heat of the sunshine to reflect it back on to the vines during the summer. grenache, syrah, carignan, mourvédre and cinsault make up the palette for red and rosé wines while grenache blanc, roussanne, terret and clairette are made into the estates outstanding whites. white grapes have always been planted here but until recently the appellation was strictly red only. the grapes are hand-harvested from a number of carefully delineated parcels and are taken to two separate wineries on the estate depending on the style to be made, one equipped with traditional concrete vats and the other with newer stainless-steel vessels. ten different wines are currently made. for many, despite being one of the smallest aoc's in the region, faugères with its flavours of herb and olive represents the languedoc at its very best and has attracted a number of young growers to start promising estates.