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DOMAINE PERRAULT JADAUD vouvray pétillant haut les choeurs 2017


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about the producer DOMAINE PERRAULT JADAUD
tanguy perrault and anne-cécile jadaud, who had no background in wine, started out on their adventure in vouvray in 2008 with just 0.8 hectares making a petnat and a little moelleux. 2009 was really their first vintage when the domaine had grown to all of a hectare. gradually they built up their domaine until they now have 4.2 hectares with tanguy keen to acquire more if possible. tanguy and anne-cécile have around 15 small parcels, which makes it complicated to work but, on the other hand, does spread the risk from hail and frost. they are fortunate in having some parcels on the premières côtes both in vouvray itself and further east in noizay. tanguy, who hails from brittany, is a trained viticulturist, while anne-cécile, whose parents live in tours is an oenologist. both have taught at the lycée agricole d'amboise. they farm organically and their wines are impressively pure from low yields. they use a range of barrels - classic barriques (225 litres) for their petnat and mainly 300 litre barrels for their still wines, which are preferable to 400-litre ones which are heavy to maneuver. although they try to use as little sulphur as possible, they feel that their wines need a little bit of protection so they are not part of the non-so2 brigade.