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PAOLONI cabernet sauvignon merlot 2017


paolo paoloni was born into a winemaking family in le marche, near tuscany, and came to baja to work in the nascent fine wine industry there in the mid-1980s. he specializes in italian varietal wines and, of course, super tuscan style cab blends from this up and coming, warm region.

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about the producer PAOLONI
paoloni was founded in 1997 with the planting of 42 acres of land in the valle de guadalupe viticultural area of northern baja california, mexico. originally from the le marche region outside of tuscany in italy, the paoloni family is dedicated to their long standing wine traditions and focus on both italian and classic french grape varieties. paolo paoloni left his post as an enologist at the perugia university to manage the valle redondo wine company in aguascalientes, mexico. after several years with valle redondo, paolo purchased 38 hectares in the toros pintos section of the valle de guadalupe just outside of ensenada. the elegant, italian inspired paoloni thrives in beautiful, agricultural landscape of baja california, mexico.