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PERLE DE MA MERE la perle brut rose


aromas of red fruits. the first step is to select the best of local pinot noir grapes for winemaking. the grapes are gently crushed in a 50 hectoliter pneumatic crusher with several steps of steadily growing pressure. the wine is then fermented in temperature-controlled tanks at 68°f.

using the traditional method (“methode traditionelle”), the wine will become sparkling in the bottle itself (“prise de mousse”) during an aging period of 16 to 18 months. the cellar temperature is kept at 59°f in order to allow all aromas to develop.

this cremant shows a deep pink shiny color with a fine mousse. the nose reveals complex notes of red fruits. the rich mouth brings flavors of ripe apricots, currants and raspberries while the background remains that of a fine wine. this cremant rose de bourgongne is a pure pinot noir, intense and stylish. to be served as an aperitif or a dessert wine, excellent with fruit and chocolate desserts.

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about the producer PERLE DE MA MERE
a cock, scratching the ground for something to eat, turned up a jewel that had by chance been dropped there. “ho!” said he, “ a fine thing you are, no doubt, and had your owner found you, great would her joy have been. but for me, give me a single grain of corn before all jewels in the world”. the moral: precious things are for those that can appreciate them. many of the producers in champagne wouldn’t give the sparkling wines of burgundy a second look. and many of the best still wine producers in burgundy overlooked their value. little did they know the jewel that sat in front of them. please enjoy this sparkling “pearl” that we have foraged from the celebrated vineyards of burgundy.