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SALOMON UNDHOF hochterrassen gruner veltliner 2018

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about the producer SALOMON UNDHOF
fraternal twins bert and fay salomon are the 9th generation to take over their family’s historic winery, a pillar of quality in the wachau valley since 1792. one of the oldest family-owned wineries in austria, they were the first to export their wines to the united states in the 1930s and are founding members of the traditionsweingüter österreich, the group tasked with classifying austria’s most important vineyards in a system resembling that of burgundy. salomon’s top vineyard sites, perched on south-facing terraces along the danube river, are all designated erste lage ötw, or grand cru, which might please the capuchin monks who planted them should they have lived long enough to find out. like their father, bert salomon sr., fay and bert believe that great wines are made from living soils and don’t wear makeup. the path to a beautiful bottle is through meticulous, environmentally conscious care in the vineyard and thoughtful work in the cellar. cover crops are grown between rows to maintain vital soils and encourage biodiversity, and under-vine management is done manually, without the use of sprays (there has been no use of herbicides in more than a decade). sheep’s wool is hung to repel hungry deer from the nearby forrest, and natural pheromones are used to prevent destruction by a local butterfly. the wine is handled gently in the cellar – not manipulated, but rather protected – as it reaches toward a pure expression of its time and place. the salomons farm 30 hectares of vines in and around stein in the kremstal dac, almost all of it grüner veltliner from deep loess soil and riesling from primary rock terraces. the clarity and pure fruit of their traditional wines never gets tired, but for bert and fay there’s always room for something new – don’t miss their “wolke für zwei” (cloud for two) riesling pet nat and perfectly savory “alma” amphora riesling. "so good for so long, it's easy to overlook salomon undhof, whose deeply mineral and transparent wines are some of the country's most profound. elegant and refined are words that come to mind. these wines dazzle with their quiet, staid solidity." - raj parr & jordan mackay, the sommelier's atlas of taste